It is typical for a live-service game to run into some issues, especially after a major content update. The recent launch of The Witch Queen expansion brought just that, some technical issues. Some players have reported that the recent update has caused Screen Tearing. Here is how you can fix this issue and get back to playing.

Screen Tearing occurs when your display’s refresh rate and GPU’s frame rate are not synchronized. It can be seen as a horizontal split at one or more places on the screen. Typically this is seen when players try to run a game at a higher framerate than their display is capable of. Destiny 2 is not a stranger to this issue and has had this pop up with past updates.

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Luckily, there is a pretty simple fix for this issue that Bungie themselves recommends to all players who might be experiencing it. Within Destiny 2, players can access their Settings and navigate to the Video tab. Here you will want to reset these settings to default. You can find the button used to do this in the bottom right corner of the screen. Doing this should fix the issue and stop the Screen Tearing.

If you are still experiencing the issue after doing the above workaround, you should post your issue on the Bungie Help forums. This will get Bungie’s attention the quickest, and they will assist you directly in solving the issue.

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