The Reactive Pulse Mod is an Arc Mod that was introduced in Season 11 of Destiny 2. It ties in particularly well with the Arc 3.0 overhaul in Season 18. Here’s a look at what it does and where you can find it.

What is the Reactive Pulse Mod in Destiny 2?

When equipped, the Reactive Pulse Mod has the following effect: While Charged with Light, when you take damage while surrounded by combatants, you emit a burst of damaging Arc energy, consuming one stack of Charged with Light. As with other Arc Mods, Reactive Pulse has a secondary perk when one other Arc Mod or at least one other Arc Charged with Light Mod is socketed into the armor. It will grant the Guardian a powerful overshield while performing their finisher.

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As with many Mods in Destiny 2, Reactive Pulse can be acquired from either Ada-1 or Banshee-44 when it comes into their rotation, though it is far more likely to come through Ada-1. She is located past the Bazaar in The Tower. Make sure to check their offerings daily to complete your collection of Mods!

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