Since Seasons were introduced to Destiny 2 back in Season of the Forge, or even Warmind, there has been a Seasonal Activity. With the launch of Season 18, the go-to is now Ketchcrash. This new mode has Guardians waging pirate-inspired space warfare between two Eliksni sketches. Here’s how to start the activity and what you get for completing it.

How does Ketchcrash work in Destiny 2?

Those with the Season Pass will have the option to partake in the activity shortly after the introductory mission of freeing Spider from a group of pirates. The activity itself is launched from an icon within the H.E.L.M. There are two variations of Ketchcrash to choose from. The default Ketchcrash has a recommended Power of 1520 and includes matchmaking. Master Ketchcrash doesn’t offer matchmaking, has a recommended Power of 1600, and includes a host of mission modifiers. That being said, there are a ton of rewards, including a Pinnacle, for completing the harder version.

Ketchcrash operates in phases. If you’ve played almost any other activity in Destiny 2, you’ll already know how to complete each of these as they’re reprised mechanics. If not, don’t worry as they’re very straightforward.

  • Repel the pirates from Spider’s ketch.
  • Position and defend the four cannons on Spider’s ketch.
    • Stand on the plates to activate them and then clear the adds until the cannons are done aligning.
  • Fire yourself over to the enemy ketch and board it.
  • Destroy the Security Optic.
    • Take out the Servitors to reveal the plates they’re guarding. Power up each plate by standing on it. Once all are activated, the shield on the Security Optic will drop and allow you to damage it. Rinse and repeat until it’s dead.
  • Destroy the Spider Tanks.
    • There will be two Fallen Tanks in the room. Begin damaging the legs like you normally would. When they go immune, look for the Captains with Scorch Cannons. Take them out to commandeer their Cannons. Use said cannons to destroy the shield generators and continue damaging the tank.
  • Destroy the storage tanks.
    • There are several Ether storage tanks that are marked with a purple hue. Destroy the Heavy Shanks (Gunnery Mates) and collect the explosive charge they drop. Throw said charge at the tanks to destroy them.
  • Take out the boss.

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