Mods are a building block in Destiny 2 that allows players to customize their Guardian in many different ways. The Sustained Charge Mod is an excellent choice for players who use Machine Guns, Auto Rifles, and Trace Rifles, allowing them to quickly become Charged With Light by using those weapons.

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Those looking to obtain the Sustained Charge Mod can do so by purchasing it from ADA-1 in the Tower Annex for 10 Mod Components. The Mod requires 4 Solar Energy to slot into Armor. If ADA-1 does not have the Mod in stock, remember that her stock changes daily. It may be necessary to visit her for a few days in order to be able to snag it.

Once players successfully purchase and slot the Sustained Charge Mod they will be able to quickly obtain Charges to use for various benefits. The Charged With Light mechanic is extremely powerful in Destiny 2 and the quicker the players can obtain that status, the better. Sustained Charge helps Machine Gun, Auto Rifle, and Trace Rifle users do just that.

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