Exotics are extremely powerful and equally rare pieces of gear in Destiny 2. Each class, Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters has Exotics that are unique to them and can greatly modify how the class plays. Tracking down and collecting each Exotic is a game unto itself. Here’s how to find Contraverse Hold and what it does.

Where to find the Contraverse Hold Exotic

At the time of this writing, Contraverse Hold is being sold by Xur in the EDZ. It’s being sold with an impressive stat roll of 63. This exotic, like many others throughout the history of Destiny 2 is available through the enigmatic vendor of the Nine. If the Exotic has been previously acquired and dismantled, it can be reacquired from Collections, but it will have a paltry roll.

Contraverse Hold is a Warlock exclusive Exotic. It was introduced in Season 4 and comes with the Chaotic Exchanger Perk which allows the user to resist incoming damage while charging your Void grenade. Charged Void grenades then return grenade energy on a hit. This Perk married well with Void Warlocks looking to imitate the then recently revealed Mad Bomber Baron. While Contraverse Hold isn’t the most popular Exotic, there’s no denying how devastating it can be when running PvE content.

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