Iron Banner has been completely reworked with Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2. Part of that is a six-part quest with a confusing quest step. The second step requires Guardians to complete a Daily Challenge, but Bungie gives no indication in-game of what this is or how to complete it.

What is the Iron Banner Daily Challenge?

To view the Daily Challenge, players will need to open the Director, head to Crucible, and hover over the Iron Banner icon. The Daily Challenge is actually labeled as the Weekly Challenge when looking at it.

Iron Banner Daily Challenges

  • May 31: Complete three Iron Banner matches as either Solar or Void subclasses
  • June 1: Complete seven Iron Banner matches as either Solar or Void subclasses. Previous progress carries over.

It’s something that can easily be missed, and why Bungie opted to handle it this way is confusing. The Iron Banner rework has been received poorly, and this misstep only adds more fuel to that fire.

The main issue that is angering the fanbase is replacing Control with Rift. This mode was initially released during the Taken King expansion in the original Destiny. Feelings on this were generally positive. However, it would appear the luster has worn off as the bulk of the community is up in arms. It will be interesting to see if Bungie corrects course or stays the path with the second Iron Banner later this season.

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