The Cadre of Contenders seasonal challenge tasks players with completing Crucible matches in the Competitive playlist. As is Bungie’s tried-and-true formula, directions are often confusing to players. Simply put, play Glory: Survival or Freelance Glory: Survival to complete this challenge.

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These are the only two Competitive playlists, aka Crucible modes, offered in Destiny 2. Each player must repeatedly play Glory: Survival and/or Freelance Glory: Survival to increase the progress bar for the Cadre of Contenders seasonal challenge. A win awards more points to the bar, which will help complete the challenge faster.

The Glory: Survival and Freelance Glory: Survival are the two Competitive playlists Bungie refers to in the seasonal challenge directions. Reason being, these Crucible modes earn players Glory, which is essentially a ranked mode in Destiny 2. If you lose a Competitive playlist match, your Glory Rank will decrease. The only way to increase it is to win the next match.

Glory Rank differs from Valor Rank, the latter of which is more casual for players. Valor Rank is calculated by playing Control, Elimination, Rumble, and Showdown. The player’s Valor Rank will not decrease when losing a match in any of these game modes.

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How to view Seasonal Challenges

Many players might not even know Destiny 2 has seasonal challenges and understandably so, considering it is stuffed inside some menus. To view each week’s seasonal challenges, follow these steps:

  • Open the Director
  • Press the Season tab located top-right
  • Press Seasonal Challenges
    • This button is found below the Season Pass progress tracks

Each week players are greeted with a handful of optional seasonal challenges. Keeping track of these challenges is a great way to earn some extra XP, bright dust, and additional in-game currencies.

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