The Evidence Board on the Mars Enclave is an important resource in progressing several side quests in Destiny 2, one of which is the Report: Altar-Reflect. The quest itself is broken up into four, relatively easy to complete steps.

  1. Visit the Evidence Board on the Mars Enclave
  2. Visit the Altar of Reflection in the Temple of the Wrathful on Savathun’s Throne World
  3. Solve the Rune Puzzle and clear the enemies
  4. Return to the Evidence Board to log the evidence and review

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After visiting the Evidence Board, players will want to head to Savathun’s Throne World and complete the Altar of Reflection: Catalyst mission. The mission itself will take players through the Temple of the Wrathful.

Once inside the temple, interact with the Deepsight orb and line up the glowing Witch Queen symbol on the wall. Once this is done, a portal will appear that players will need to jump through that will take them to the Altar of Reflection.

Once at the Altar of Reflection, players will need to solve the Rune puzzle, which is a matter of picking out the rune that doesn’t line up with the pattern. The first puzzle will feature eight columns with five runes each. Shoot the three columns that don’t line up to complete it. The second series of this puzzle is much like the first, but instead involves structures with three columns instead of eight. Shoot the incorrect column on three of the pillars to solve the puzzle.

With the door open, head in and clear the room of enemies and view the memory. From there, head back to the Mars Enclave and log the evidence at the Evidence Board.

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