Mods provide a nuanced approach to Guardians that allows players to finely tune their near-immortal space wizard to their play style. Coming in a few different flavors of builds like Warmind Cells or Charged with Light, Mods can turn a Guardian from mediocre to magnificent. One such Mod that facilitates this is Heavy Handed.

What is the Heavy Handed Mod in Destiny 2?

Heavy Handed was introduced in Season 9 and requires seven Arc energy to use, nearly a fully masterworked piece of armor. While Charged with Light, Guardians can regain half of their melee energy when using a charged melee ability for the price of one Charged with Light stack. Being an Arc Mod, it also has a secondary perk if one other Arc Mod is socketed into this piece of armor or another Arc Charged with Light Mod is socketed into another piece of armor. While surrounded by multiple combatants, defeating a combatant with a fusion rifle, shotgun, sidearm, or SMG adds ammo for that weapon to your reserves.

Overall, Heavy Handed is a beastly mod with an equally heavy cost. It works well with melee-focused exotics like Synthoceps, Liar’s Handshake, and the Karnstein Armlets. Throw in the ammo generation bonus and Guardians are already on their way to a build.

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