The finale of Season of the Lost has brought a new questline called Severing the Worm, in which Mara Sov will attempt to exorcise Savathûn’s worm. This questline comprises three steps, and the first will ask players to complete the Exorcism mission. However, some players have reported experiencing some issues with the Exorcism mission. This results in the inability to progress in the quest. Here is how you can complete Severing the Worm and deal with its bug.

How to complete Severing the Worm

You can begin this questline by picking it up from the Wayfinder’s Compass on the H.E.L.M. Mara Sov will tell you that she is beginning the ritual to sever Savathûn from her worm and that she needs your help. You will then be asked to complete the Exorcism mission found in the Dreaming City. This mission will start quite similar to the Astral Alignment activity, however, it will be more focused on the story of Mara Sov exorcising the Worm from Savathûn while under attack from Xivu Arath.

Once you complete this mission, you will be treated to a brief cutscene featuring an exchange between Mara Sov and Savathûn. At this point, your Severing the Worm quest will move on to Step Two, where it asks you to speak with Mara Sov. She will explain that Savathûn slipped through her fingers and that the battle has just begun.

Then you will progress on to Step Three of Severing the Worm. You will return to the Tower Hangar to speak with Saint-14, and he will let you know that he got Osiris back to the Tower safely. After you have completed the Exorcism quest, talked with Mara Sov, and met with Saint-14, you will have completed the Severing the Worm questline.

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How to fix the Exorcism Quest bug

Many players have reported experiencing a bug or two while completing the Exorcism Quest. The most common one is that they complete the Exorcism Quest, but their Severing the Worm questline will not progress on to Step Two. Another one players are experiencing is one that we experienced ourselves. Something bugs out during the encounter before entering the Spire where Mara Sov is located. It causes the doors to the Spire to not open, resulting in the inability to complete the quest.

There does not seem to be a solid fix for this bug at the moment. The only thing players can do is continue playing the Exorcism mission repeatedly until the Severing the Worm questline advances on to Step Two. Bungie is aware of these issues and has said they are currently working on a fix. Still, they encourage players to post about their issues on the Help Forum.

It only took us two attempts at the Exorcism quest before it progressed forward, but there have been reports of it taking upwards of four or five times. Hopefully, Bungie can get a fix out soon as many players are itching to see the season’s finale.

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