Destiny 2 has no shortage of error codes. Fortunately, developer Bungie is usually on top of them with clear instructions on what to do with each error code. Should players run into the pesky Error Code Olive, there are only a handful of solutions. So, let’s dive in and see what they are.

What is Error Code Olive in Destiny 2?

Error Code Olive is defined as “Please retry that activity again and resume what you were doing before the error occurred. If you encounter this error again, please exit Destiny then relaunch. If you continue to see this error, it’s likely due to testing we are doing on our end, please pardon our dust! Watch and follow @BungieHelp for updates.”

This is a fairly straightforward error code with some basic troubleshooting steps. Simply try again to do what you were doing. Should it fail again, relaunch Destiny 2. Still having problems? Double check it’s not a known issue. If so, then patience is the name of the game. And while you wait, why not check another guide on GameTips.PRO?

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