Baboon is one of several generic networking error codes that players can encounter when playing Destiny and Destiny 2. Unlike other networking error codes, it can catch players in a loop and requires extra steps to resolve.

What is the Baboon error in Destiny 2?

Baboon is a general networking error. The moment it occurs, the instance is reported to Bungie. There can be several causes behind it, though many are related to packet loss, congestion, disconnects between your home and Bungie, or spotty WiFi. If the error is encountered frequently, it is advised to force quit Destiny and relaunch the game to get it out of this state.

Xbox 360

  • Press the Xbox Guide button.
  • Press the Y button to return to the dashboard.

Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

  • Within Destiny or Destiny 2, press the Xbox button.
  • With the Destiny tile highlighted, press the Menu button.
  • Select “Quit.”

PlayStation 3

  • Hold down the PS button.
  • Select “Quit Game.”
  • Select “Yes.”

PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

  • Hold down the PS button.
  • Select “Close Application.”
  • Select “Yes.”


  • ALT+F4 or CTRL+ALT+DEL and end the Destiny 2 process

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