The Empty Vessel legendary grenade launcher is the only solar grenade launcher available in Destiny 2, aka the only grenade launcher that produces warmind cells. As a result, this grenade launcher makes for quite the explosive tool, one that packs a versatile perk kit tailored to many playstyles and situations across PVP and PVE.

Empty Vessel Stats

Below are the base weapon stats for the Empty Vessel grenade launcher.

Weapon StatsHidden Stats
Stability: 32Aim Assistance: 73
Handling: 68Inventory Size: 63
Reload Speed: 68Zoom: 13
Velocity: 75Recoil: 76
Blast Radius: 55Bounce Intensity: 24
Rounds Per Minute: 90Bounce Direction: Tends Right
Magazine: 1


There is no one-size-fits-all PVP/PVE God Roll when it comes to the Empty Vessel. The grenade launcher has a large perk pool, and your decisions depend on whether or not you value blast radius over landing direct hits. Both options contain advantages and disadvantages depending on the combat situation. We opted for direct hits.

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Empty Vessel PVP God Roll

  • Hard Launch
  • Spike Grenades
  • Auto-Loading Holster
  • Disruption Break

This God Roll relies on the player’s ability to land direct hits rather than rely on blast radius. If you can land direct hits, you’ll perform more damage with Spike Grenades and launch grenades at a faster speed due to Hard Launch. Auto-Loading Holster and Disruption break build upon the first two perks: breakingyour enemy’s shield with Empty Vessel makes the enemy vulnerable to Kinetic damage. This allows you to switch to a Kinetic weapon, confirm your kill, and switch back to fully-reloaded Empty Vessel.

Empty Vessel PVE God Roll

  • Hard Launch
  • Spike Grenades
  • Auto-Loading Holster
  • One For All

The Empty Vessel PVE God Roll looks similar to the PVP God Roll, except for the One For All perk. While Vorpal Weapon is a respectable alternative perk, One For All enables a perk that is more active across combat situations beyond enemy bosses. Rapid three-shots increase the Empty Vessel’s damage, stacking onto an already increased rate from Spike Grenades.

How to get Empty Vessel

To get Empty Vessel in Destiny 2, you must complete Strike playlists and hope for a random drop. This weapon is available to all players from base game to season pass owners. Whether or not Empty Vessel drops for you in Strike playlists is ultimately up to chance.

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