Getting volatility kills in Destiny 2 can be a bit of a hassle. There are a few perks included with the Void 3.0 rework that allow your character to make enemies volatile. If you’re playing as a Titan, the Controlled Demolition perk lets you make enemies volatile if you hit them with Void abilities. As a Warlock, the Pocket Singularity perk will make enemies volatile if you hit them with a melee attack. The Moebius Quiver super does the trick for Hunters.

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Here’s the issue with these three perks/abilities: Weaker enemies will get eliminated almost instantly if you hit them with any of the three abilities mentioned above. Alternatively, players can grind out that Synaptic Spear seasonal artifact and unlock the Volatile Flow perk.

Once you have that perk, equip it onto your armor set and then head into battle. It will give your Void Weapon volatile rounds if you pick up an elemental well. Couple this mod with the Shieldcrash Wellmaker mod, and every time you break an enemy Void Shield with a Void Weapon, you will spawn a Void Elemental Well.

And as soon as you pick up this Void Well, you will have volatile rounds on your Void Weapon—provided you have the Volatile Flow perk equipped. If you do all this correctly, breezing through Commander Zavala’s Employment of Uncertainty bounty will be nothing short of a cakewalk. Good luck Guardian.

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