Bungie is often praised for the addicting gunplay and complex story in Destiny 2. But while the game excels in these areas, Bungie has also nailed Destiny 2’s environment design. We have decided to rank each of these environments to see where they stack up. Here is our Destination Tier List for Destiny 2.

S Tier

Savathûn’s Throne World

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After just a few moments of exploring this locale, you begin to feel drawn to it. The murky swamp of the Throne World feels so alive with its vibrant greens contrasting with the dark tones of the mud and rock. Just a short Sparrow ride away and you’ll stumble upon a warm, light-infused palace that acts as a beacon, leading you out of the dank swamp and into its own eerie world. The pearly white structures are paired with reds, pinks, and purples, making it feel as though you are exploring a massive pile of blood and bones.

There is so much design diversity in Savathûn’s Throne World. Deep caverns, intricate hallways, grand courtyards, and hidden secrets all keep the location from growing stale. Every little thing in this location was placed with a purpose, and there is no other destination quite like it in Destiny 2.

A Tier

Dreaming City

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The personal realm of Mara Sov is just as extravagant as she is. The Dreaming City is made up of white and blue crystal structures perched atop lush, rocky cliffs. The entire city appears to be floating on clouds due to the city’s cloaking technology that keeps it hidden from outsiders. Taken Blights all over the place make this once serene palace feel like a castle under siege. Combined with The Blind Well activity and the diverse enemy types, this destination is near the top.


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Nessus has existed in Destiny 2 since the game’s launch back in 2017, but it still remains one of the most interesting locations in the game. One of the only truly alien planets, the Surface of Nessus is home to a wide range of interesting red flora. This contrasts nicely with the white cube structures harshly protruding from the ground. The planet has been largely claimed by the Vex, leaving the planet’s interior with the interesting structures associated with the synthetic lifeforms. This makes Nessus the best place to find the Vex enemy type.

B Tier


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An ice-covered moon sitting in the shadow of Jupiter doesn’t pique the interest as much as a hidden city might. However, it is in this empty wasteland where the smaller details shine through. A weather pattern causes a wind storm to blow through the location every so often, which makes the freezing ecosystem quite immersive. Just below the ice of this moon, you can both find the Braytech Facility or get lost in the massive fallen city that protrudes from the ice.

It makes sense that it is in this freezing place that we Guardians first venture into using Stasis, as the cold is often associated with the Darkness. However, the long road to unlocking all of the Stasis Aspects and Fragments exposed this location as lacking in variation. The hours of traversing the same corridors and structures made it go stale rather quickly.


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It is hard to make an Earth locale interesting in a game with space travel. However, the EDZ has managed to capture our attention for years. The older style of architecture being reclaimed by nature while left decaying reminds us of a time long forgotten. Driving your Sparrow through the abandoned streets out into the lush forest all in the shadow of the Shard of the Traveller really makes you appreciate how gorgeous our own home is, even after visiting such exotic locales. Remnants of a war long over and the lack of activities leaves this once revitalized location feeling abandoned yet again.

C Tier


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The Moon on its own is just as it is in real life—a lifeless, dusty rock. It wasn’t until the appearance of the Scarlett Keep that the Moon become quite interesting. A massive, vibrant red structure shooting up from the dull grey brought new life to this location. However, what really stands out about this locale is the labyrinth that hides within the Keep—a visually striking cluster of intricately designed platforms and walkways all leading you to the tower in the middle. But while the Scarlett Keep is as interesting as it gets, the rest of the Moon is still just dusty gray rock.


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Everything in this location is evidence of a once-thriving planet reaching toward the stars before collapsing into ruin. Abandoned planes, ships, rockets, and facilities were left to rust as humanity encountered bigger threats. Traveling through this area really gives players an understanding of who humanity was before the Last City. Although, since this location was present in the first Destiny, bringing it over to Destiny 2 didn’t revitalize it enough for it to compete with some of the completely new locations.

Honorable Mention


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Since Eternity is not a full-blown Destination, we decided to exclude it from the actual Tier List. Still, Eternity is a very unique location that Guardians are able to travel to and explore, which is why we are giving it an honorable mention. This area exists in the Unknown Space that is controlled by The Nine and is home to the Dares of Eternity event, Xur’s Treasure Hoard, and a Crucible Map of the same name. The seemingly random shapes of the structures and the prominently white colors only serve to make the Destination as mysterious as The Nine themselves.

So there you have it, that is our Destinations Tier List for Destiny 2. All of the locations crafted by Bungie are beautiful in their own way, and there is no doubt that Bungie knows how to make a visually appealing game.

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