The fifth expansion for Destiny 2 is finally here; players worldwide can now play Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Are you ready to venture to Europa and confront the Darkness on Jupiters Moon? This new expansion includes new characters, quests, as well as a new raid! Oh, don’t think that is all, as players can use the Darkness to unlock a new Subclass called Stasis!

Destiny 2 Beyond Light How to unlock Stasis

To unlock Stasis in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, you must complete the main story of the expansion, which will take you about 4-6 hours to do so. You do get a taste of the power of Stasis at a certain stage throughout the campaign.

As you venture to Europa, you’ll eventually be reached out by the Darkness to seek it out; this will happen about an hour, give or take into the expansion. Once a cutscene has occurred, go back to the Exo Stranger to receive a Splinter of Darkness. She’ll inform you to head to the pyramid that can be seen in the distance; as you arrive, interact with the podium, and you’ll vanish while also receiving a story quest.

Now is the time you can wielding the new Stasis Subclass for the first time. In the next portion of the quest, you are attacked by hordes of Vex. Use these newfound powers to obliterate these foes, though sadly, this is a small taste of the power you can control. However, you do have to repeat this onslaught three more times. Afterward, you can defeat the boss Eramis to end the fifth expansions main story.

Return to the Exo Stanger and inform her of Eramis’s defeat. Then go back to the pyramid, and here you will finally unlock the new Stasis Subclass. Overall as we said above, this might take you between 4-6 hours depending on how sidetracked you get on Europa!

For those who have the Season Pass for Beyond Light, don’t forget to unlock Duality from your rewards. No doubt, the servers are a bit wonky at the moment with the influx of players playing the next expansion, so keep an eye out on the server status of Destiny 2 with our helpful guide!

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