Bungie introduced the brand new Stasis subclass with the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Although many players have likely blasted through the new campaign with Duality and unlocked the Stasis subclass, there might be some confusion with the new mechanics. Specifically, players might not know that they can break free from stasis early

Breaking free from stasis is pretty self-explanatory on consoles, but it might not be as obvious for PC players. There are 2 ways to break free from stasis when an enemy hits you. Understanding both of these methods will seriously help your survival strategy against NPCs and in Crucible.

How to Break Free from Stasis

The first method is by waiting until the entire stasis cooldown effect ends. This takes about 5 seconds in total and you will never take any damage by waiting for the stasis effect to end. However, 5 seconds can be plenty of time for an enemy player or group of NPCs to totally demolish you.

The second way is to avoid the total cooldown and break free from stasis early. However, you will take ~130 damage for choosing to break free from stasis early. This could still help you escape a dangerous area for further survival. This method might be what confuses players, though, and specifically those on PC.

Simply put, to break free from stasis early: hold down your class ability. For console players, this is the same as holding the crouch button. For PC players, it is dependent on your control mapping, which might prevent you from even knowing this option exists. This is how you break free from stasis for each console:

  • For PS4 players, hold down the O button. 
  • For Xbox players, hold down the B button.
  • For PC players, the default keyboard button should be V. However, if this does not work, click ESC. Then click Open Settings. Within the Keyboard/Mouse tab, scroll down to the Character section. In here you will find what two buttons your Class Ability is mapped to. Set this to your personal preference.

Do not spam your class ability when breaking free from stasis. Instead, hold down the button for about 1-2 seconds. You should see your character glow as they break free from the ice.

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