The Destiny 2 Companion App is a great way to manage your Guardian, their inventory, check news, and find a fireteam for the latest content. However, all of those handy features are rendered moot if part of the service goes down. Here are some handy resources to check if one is having issues.

Is Destiny 2 down?

There are several sources to check and see if Destiny 2 services, including the app, are down. The first is the official BungieHelp Twitter account. The second is Bungie’s Help website. Finally, when all official channels fail, head over to Downdetector.

Destiny 2 maintenance is typically scheduled in advance and occurs on a Tuesday. Both the Twitter page and website will usually reflect this. This should also be the case in emergencies where something has gone catastrophically wrong and part of the service is down.

But, should everything indicate that the service is working, the issue might be on the local device. For the app specifically, check that there aren’t any updates that need to be applied. Failing that, try reinstalling the app. Note that when a significant piece of content like an expansion or season is released, it usually takes 24-48 hours for all apps and third-party services to fully come back online.

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