Genshin Impact recently announced that Version 2.8 is slated to release on July 13, 2022, which means that Version 3.0 will most likely come at around August 25, 2022—assuming that HoYoverse continues to follow the game’s usual update schedule. With a few months left until Sumeru’s release, characters from the region are expected to make more frequent appearances in various events and dialogue.

Lesser Lord Kusanali, Nahida, and the Anahitian Blessing

One of the most anticipated characters from Sumeru is the Dendro Archon, Lesser Lord Kusanali, who has occupied the top of leakers’ radars for the past few months. A new leak by BLANK, which was posted on their Discord channel, suggests that the Lesser Lord Kusanali’s name may be Nahida. Archons typically take multiple names: one real and one goetic. In-game dialogue has confirmed that “Lesser Lord Kusanali” is a title of endearment used by Sumeru’s residents, so it’s plausible for Nahida to be her real name.

Additionally, Reddit user u/Miserable_Tune_2039 posted a possible connection among Nahida, Lesser Lord Kusanali and the Anahitian Blessing in r/Genshin_Lore. This was confirmed by BLANK, who claimed that the name Anahitian may play a role in the Version 2.8 Story Quest. However, the information about Nahida is largely considered questionable, so it’s best not to expect this information to be a hundred percent true.

More Leaked Sumeru Character Names

Sumeru character names have been leaked for the past few months. In addition to earlier data that introduced the names Cyno, Capitano, Djajeet, Tighnari, Nafs, Dori, and Nahida, a leaker called Uncle (@Touchingfish3 on Twitter) claims that Ikhfa, Layla, Soutine could also be possible characters to appear in Sumeru. While it’s not clear whether they will be playable characters or NPCs, leaked names have been useful for lore enthusiasts in finding Sumeru connections with real-world history.

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