Upgrade materials are well and truly needed in your playthrough of Demon’s Souls remake, as that extra bit of damage can truly make a world of difference when killing enemies and bosses!

Demon’s Souls PS5: Where to get Large, Chunk, and Pure Hardstones

To get Large, Chunk, and Pure Hardstones in Demon’s Souls remake for the PS5, there are a few certain areas where you can purchase or farm the required Hardstone that you require.

Depending on the stone that you need to find, there are different ways to acquire each one; some are easier than others. This guide will explain to you how to find each kind.

How to get Large Hardstone in Demon’s Souls

To find Large Hardstone shards is by far the easiest ones to locate. Head to the Filthy Man at the start of Stonefang Tunnel in area 2-1; even better is that Blacksmith Ed is nearby who can upgrade your gear!

A picture of the Filthy Man who you can buy Large Hardstone shards from in Demon's Souls PS5

The Filthy Man will trade you a bunch of upgrade materials for your souls. Of course, the Large Hardstones will cost you 1,500 Souls a piece. The Hardstones are not the best when it comes to weapon scaling; however, it is the easiest method to gain a +10 on a weapon.

You can also purchase the lowest Hardstone material from the Filthy Man, the Shard of Hardstone for 500 Souls.

How to get Chunk of Hardstone in Demon’s Souls

The Chunk of Hardstone is much harder to acquire, as the drop rate is very low, so this material upgrade might take you a while to get. To find the Chunk of Hardstone, you can get them from Crystal Lizards near boss Archstone’s – the Phalanx, Tower Knight, Penetrator, and Armor Spider.

However, these Lizards spawn a total of four times, and each time they get away without you killing them, counts as one spawn.

If the Crystal Lizards are not dropping the material for you, you can go back to Stonefang Tunnel and repeatedly kill the Miners located there. Remember, the drop rate is low, so you need to have some patience!

How to get Pure Hardstone in Demon’s Souls

If you thought the drop rate on the Chunk of Hardstone was evil, then sadly, the Pure Hardstone is even worse. To find the Pure Hardstone, head to the Armor Spider Archstone, and make your way into the Crystal Lizards nest. Here you need to kill everyone one of the lizards before they disappear for a higher drop rate.

We recommend using a passive AoE spell-like Firestorm or Wrath of God to be able to kill all the Lizards at once before they disappear.

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