Demon’s Souls is a game all about finding the right class that fits your playstyle. Want to put everything into strength and wielding the biggest weapon you can find? Do it; the choice of how to play the game is yours. Do you want to become a healer, to be able to heal yourself using spells when all other healing has been exhausted? Feel free to do so! Though the game is about trial and error, as there are multitudinous amounts of different builds out there.

How to Delete your Character

At this moment in time, there is no way to delete your character in Demon’s Souls for the PS5. This is an extremely odd thing for Bluepoint to miss out on, as in every other Soulsborne game, you have the option to delete individual saved characters.

This is a common question being asked around the Demon’s Souls community. As we said for those who have played other From Software games, Dark Souls and the like, there are no qualms in deleting an unused character, as it only takes up space when selecting who to choose.

Demon’s Souls is all about character building, as there are tons of variations of builds you can try to make; though you may not like using certain builds, you might as well just delete the character after a few levels up. Furthermore, not allowing you the option to delete these characters individually is a massive oversight on Bluepoint’s part, as you can more or less create; however, many characters as you desire.

Oh, there is a way to delete your character data, but it involves deleting all of your characters, every single one of them, as you have to delete your entire saved data of the Demon’s Souls remake. No doubt a hotfix or a patch is in the works!

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