With the Demon Slayer: Hinokami Chronicles, players can assume the role of several Demon Slayers as they make their way through the anime’s story in this arena fighter. Those aiming to earn all the game’s trophies/achievements must S-Rank the entire campaign starting with the prologue.

To S-Rank the prologue of Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles, players must beat Sabito in both encounters with above 90% maximum health. So long as players mitigate damage to Tanjiro, they’ll earn an S-Rank with ease. Follow our step-by-step instructions below to ensure you grab that S-Rank.

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  • Sabito Battle One
    • The first fight against Sabito functions as the game’s tutorial, asking players to complete a list of several attacks on the right-hand side of the screen.
    • Players must pull off a Light Attack combo, a Throw, a Quick-Step, and Guard an attack when the fight begins.
    • Once they’ve completed the basic maneuvers, the fight will move on to teaching players special attacks. There is a neutral special (Eight Form, Waterfall Basin,) a tilt special (Second Form, Water Wheel,) a guard special (Sixth Form, Whirlpool,) and a strong attack. Each character has its own unique attacks for each of these inputs.
    • Next, players will need to perform the Chase Dash, Boose, Surge, and Ultimate Art inputs.
    • Once each Area of the Tutorial has been finished, the first fight will end.
    • Because this is the tutorial, Sabito won’t attack much, but keeping health above 90% is what dictates S-Ranks, so if your health drops significantly, start the fight over or come back afterward.
  • Sabito Battle Two
    • After a few cutscenes, players will fight Sabito again, with their foe attacking in earnest. Use the techniques you’ve learned in the tutorial to overwhelm Sabito with attacks. Make sure to guard or evade if he attacks.
    • Sabito will use special attacks, Throws, and light combos on Tanjiro, so be prepared to swap between offensive and defensive play.
    • The goal is to bring Sabito’s health down to the red marker in his HP bar before Tanjiro’s health drops below 90%. If Tanjiro’s health depletes too much, retry the fight for another chance at the battle.
    • Don’t forget to mix in special attacks and strong attacks in while fighting Sabito for increased damage.
    • Once Sabito’s Health hits the red marker, players will have several Quick Time Events to complete (inputs are as follows: Circle/B, Press Triangle/Y Rapidly, Left on the D-Pad, and Square/X.)
    • If all the instructions above are followed, Tanjiro will walk away with an S-Rank, and another trophy to add to the player’s collection.

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