Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles is the latest arena fighter from developer CyberConnect2 and a handful of unique trophies/achievements for players to unlock. At the same time, they play through the game, including Death by a Thousand Cuts.

Players have to finish their opponent with a five-hit combo to unlock the Death by a Thousand Cuts Trophy/Achievement in Demon Slayer: Hinokami Chronicles. We’ve listed each of the steps necessary to unlock Death by a Thousand Cuts below.

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  • Head to Vs. Mode and play against a computer.
    • It’s easiest to earn Death by a Thousand cuts playing against the game’s AI (unless you’ve got an extra controller, in which case start a two-player match and play against an unresponsive foe.)
  • Get your opponent down to low health (about where the red bar start’s on Sabito’s health in the image below.)
    • Enacting this five-hit kill combo requires enemies to have minimal health. Make sure that you’re trying this on the final round of a match, otherwise the trophy/achievement won’t pop.
Screenshot via Pro Game Guides
  • Activate your Boost or Surge bar before starting the combo.
    • The specific combo that players need to use is the neutral melee attack combo only available while their character is in a buffed state. Keep attacking your opponent until the combo ends with a special animation. If you’ve followed each of these steps then your enemy will fall and you’ll earn your trophy.

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