The October 2021 State of Play focused on third-party titles coming to PlayStation consoles in the next year, and one of the new announcements to spawn from this event was Deathverse Let it Die.

Deathverse Let it Die is the first title announced during the October 2021 State of Play. This zany action title pits players against each other in what seems to be a battle royale coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The visuals were the clear standout during the announcement, featuring unique cyborg characters and an evident Japanese influence.

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While Sony hasn’t many details in the October 2021 State of Play, there are sure to be more details coming in the following months. The title plans 2022 release and a more definite date will undoubtedly come as time passes on.

Make sure to check out the entire State of Play below for a handful of exciting third-party titles slated for PlayStation systems soon.

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