Our Hearthstone Deathrattle Mech Hunter Deck List Guide will walk you through this exciting new deck coming to Rise of Shadows. While the class has been playing some decks that are similar to this, Hunter lost quite a few good cards in the Standard rotation. Rise of Shadows has got some interesting new additions that make this more Mech based option a viable archetype. We’re featuring a full guide on this deck with mulligans, play strategy, card choices, and substitutions!

Hunter has been utilizing quite a bit of Deathrattle for a while now, but now that the rotation is here it looks like the class is going to have trouble filling a deck with just that style of play. Bring on the Mechs! We can feature two different synergies together and create one mean looking archetype that should help Hunter transition into the new Year of the Dragon.

Deathrattle Mech Hunter Deck List for Rise of Shadows

This is one of the best deck lists for the archetype early on in the Rise of Shadows expansion!

2x –
Fireworks Tech
2x –
2x –
2x –
Upgradeable Framebot
2x –
Nine Lives
2x –
Replicating Menace
2x –
Spider Bomb
2x –
2x –
1x –
1x –
Houndmaster Shaw
2x –
Mechanical Whelp
2x –
2x –
1x –
2x –
Unleash the Beast
1x –

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Deathrattle Mech Hunter Mulligan Guide

We’re looking for early game drops that synergize with each other to make some good plays or get some extra resources as we head into the mid-game.

Always Keep

  • Mecharoo
    – This is your best keep in the deck. A 1-drop that has the Mech tag, who will leave us with a Mech if it dies is very powerful and useful for this deck. It allows us to follow up directly with a Fireworks Tech if we have it in hand.
  • Upgradeable Framebot
    – A lot of stats for the cost, good target for buffs and our Magnetic minions.
  • Ursatron
    – Decent stats and it cycles itself when it is destroyed for another Mech, which is quite useful in a more aggressive build.

Situational Keeps

  • Fireworks Tech
    – Absolute best follow-up to a Mecharoo, and can give us a buffed minion and potentially a free 1/1 if the Deathrattle is still around. Generally, only keep if you have Mecharoo in hand.
  • Venomizer
    – Not great by itself, but when paired with Upgradeable Framebot or something cheap it gets a whole lot better. I wouldn’t keep this unless you have one of our always kept minions in hand already.
  • Spider Bomb
    – Not the best early game drop, but a very good card. It can be kept with some of our other better options though. This is one of our prime targets for Nine Lives.

Deathrattle Mech Hunter Play Strategy

This is more of a midrange deck, so if we’re against an aggro deck we might get behind early. We won’t always have the
in hand, so try to be patient if possible and attempt to clear our opponent’s minions as much as possible. This deck can start popping off towards the mid-game when you can get
Nine Lives

Early game we’re hoping to get onto the board and potentially stick a Mech so we have options for Magnetic to attach to so we can use the effects right away. Keep the board as clean as possible against aggression, and try to start chipping away against control.

The most important factor with any kind of Mech/Magnetic deck is do you go tall or wide? What I mean by that is should you attach your minions to one to get a bunch of stats, or should you play it by itself to separate the stats out? To determine this we need to have a good idea what kind of deck we’re up against. Are they the kind of deck that might run damage based removal and silences? Well, then we go wide. Are they running a lot of AOE? If so, then we go tall. Learning all of the matchups we’re up against, and the cards the decks run is one of the most important aspects of Hearthstone.

Once we’re in the mid-game we’re going to start trying to go off a bit more. We’ve got
that can double up our Deathrattles. She is best used when we can actually get some value out of her, but she does have enough stats to be an okay empty board drop. It’s not the greatest use, but we don’t want to be super greedy when we have initiative. Our big card here is
. If we can get this one going, then we’re going to be pretty hard to beat. We have a couple of cards in this deck that we’d kind of prefer not to play ourselves. Those are Mechanical Whelp and Safeguard. These are the better targets for Oblivitron, so if we can pop one of those then we’ll be in business. Once our Oblivitron is dead, we can then get the most value out of Nine Lives. This will summon a Mech out of our hand, and get us back another Oblivitron.

If we haven’t fully beaten our opponent in the late game we still have the
play. We don’t play a ton of spells, but getting to use Nine Lives again and getting back some 5/5s from Unleash the Best is very strong and worthy of the inclusion. You will generally want to wait until you have played them both unless you can’t afford to.

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Deathrattle Mech Hunter Card Choices

  • Mecharoo
    – Kind of the same principle as Springpaw, although this one contains much of the synergy we’re looking to add to our deck.
  • Fireworks Tech
    – Very solid if we can stick a Mech to the board, especially one that has a Deathrattle. Mecharoo is a common on curve target.
  • Upgradeable Framebot
    – Bundle of stats that’s perfect for connecting a weaker Magnetic minion to for the extra health.
  • Venomizer
    – Gives us the ability to take down taunts and other problematic minions. We can also pair it with our other cheap Mechs for immediately usage.
  • Nine Lives
    – This card is one of the main reasons you’ll want to play this deck. If you can hit this on something like a Spider Bomb, Mechanical Whelp, or Oblivitron then you can potentially get a lot of value out of it.
  • Spider Bomb
    – Very strong card, and can be very problematic for our opponent. We also like it because it’s one of the better targets for Nine Lives.
  • Ursatron
    – Decent stats and solid all-around card. It has a Deathrattle and is a Mech, so it contains all of the features we’re looking for in a card for this deck.
  • Houndmaster Shaw
    – Good for popping some of our Deathrattles if we’re worried about silence, and also just trading down some of the board if we’re behind. Can be risked as a naked drop, it has sturdy enough stats to survive most damage spells.
  • Replicating Menace
    – Pretty bad stats, but getting the three Microbots is solid. Good for attaching to another Mech.
  • Necromechanic
    – This is a great card if we can get a double Deathrattle trigger out of it. Unfortunately, this can be hard to do due to the cost of the card and it being a prime removal target.
  • Wargear
    – Mostly just stats with Magnetic and a Mech tag that we’re wanting. Can be used to trade up with another card, or push for a sudden lethal.
  • Zilliax
    – Probably the most versatile and maybe the best card in the Standard format after the rotation. Just insane value and you are generally always happy to have it in your hand.
  • Mechanical Whelp
    – Kind of a slow card, but this is a great one to hit with Oblivitron and Nine Lives.
  • Oblivitron
    – Pretty strong card that can swing games with the right pull from your hand.
  • Safeguard
    – Another card that contains a lot of the things we’re looking for in this deck which are Deathrattle and a Mech tag. It’s a bit high cost with some underwhelming stats, but this card can do some protecting for you in the mid-game against aggressive decks. The token is a good target for our Magnetic minions.
  • Unleash the Beast
    – Good for taking down minions, and pairs well with Zul’jin.
  • Zul’jin
    – Just makes the cut, and is replaceable if you don’t have it. This can give you some late game hope if you’ve burnt all your resources attempting to survive.

Deathrattle Mech Hunter Substitutions

  • Shimmerfly
    – Getting a random Hunter spell isn’t a bad thing, but it also isn’t really supporting the synergy behind this deck. This card seems to be keeping the Hunter tradition alive of having a 1-drop minion that gives you a card!
  • Springpaw
    – Very strong early game card that replaces itself when you play it. It doesn’t have any of the stuff we’re after in terms of synergy, but it’s a strong card in most Hunter decks.
  • Bomb Toss
    – Deals damage and summons a Mech minion, that’s pretty good value and has some versatility.
  • Galvanizer
    – Could be worth playing, we have enough Mechs to warrant it. It’s a bit weak on stats, and our hand will sometimes not line up well with the battlecry.
  • Unleash the Hounds
    – Might be worth an inclusion to fend off aggressive decks who we are likely going to struggle against.
  • Missile Launcher
    – A bit of extra damage for our deck, and basically the only type of AOE we’re going to have. Not sure if it belongs in the deck, but it’s something worth experimenting with.

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