Hex Perks are among the most powerful of Killer perks, but because they are tied to a Totem, they can be cleansed by survivors. Making the most out of these Hex Totems while they are up is very important as a Killer, with some being more useful than others. There are only four Perk Slots, and so choosing these Hex Perks can mean the difference between getting a 4K and having all four survivors escape with every bone cleansed on the map.

Hex Perk Tier List

These will be ranked based on their utility, function as a Perk, and overall potential. We’re looking at their use in the entire game and how well they are utilized before being cleansed.

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  • Hex: Ruin causes all generators that are not being actively worked on to regress. As a result, Killer’s don’t have to kick generators to regress as long as the Totem is still lit. This keeps the pressure up and makes patrolling generators much easier as chasing Survivors is led into a direct chase rather than having to kick the generator to prevent others from finishing it off.
  • Hex: Undying is one of the most versatile Hex perks as it protects other lit Totems as long as it’s up. Undying will take the place of another Hex Totem if it is cleansed. This means Hex Ruin can be cleansed and moved to Undying’s place. This, of course, has no effect if Undying is cleansed first.
  • Hex: Blood Favor stops Survivors from using Pallets after hitting them with an attack. The radius for this is 32 meters at level three for a total of 15 seconds. This can end chases quickly and activates on special attacks such as the Demogorgon’s Lunge as well.


  • Hex: Crowd Control will block a Window after a Survivor fast vaults through it for 20 seconds at level 3. Although a Survivor will already be in a chase while this happens, it shuts down powerful loops such a Killer Shack and forces them to have to use Pallets instead.
  • Hex: Devour Hope is a powerful Hex Totem that would easily be S-Tier if it weren’t for how quickly Survivors disperse to cleanse it. Devour Hope has Killers gain a Token every time a Survivor is unhooked when within 24 meters of them. When it works, at 2 Tokens, the Killer gains a speed boost after hooking for 10 seconds, every Survivor is Exposed at 3 Tokens, and Killers can even kill Survivors at 5 Tokens. Unlike Ruin, it doesn’t work from the get-go and requires some time to hook Survivors to acquire Tokens.
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death is probably the Hex that obsessive Totem cleansers fear the most. It takes ages to pull off, but the potential to turn a losing game into a winning one is what makes it so powerful. Exposing Survivors at the end game is seen as a crutch among players, but there’s no denying that NOED is effective.

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  • Hex: Third Seal is more than just a meme when it works. Blindness in the game means that affected Survivors can’t even see when someone is on the hook. The more Survivors that are affected by Blindness, the less likely they’ll be able to find their hooked comrade. It’s powerful, but the likeliness of hitting four different survivors before this Hex inevitably gets cleansed is slim.
  • Hex: Plaything makes every hooked Survivor Oblivious while it’s up. It activates a random Dull Totem as a new Cursed Totem that that Survivor is tied to. For the first 90 seconds, only the Cursed Survivor can cleanse that Totem, making it effective to keep them away from generators. This Hex would be higher on the list if Survivors cared a little more about Oblivious. It works exceptionally well for Killers that can catch Survivors off guard and can be S-Tier with the right setup.
  • Hex: Retribution is one of those Perks that would be higher on the list if it weren’t for the existence of Perks that do Retribution’s job better. Survivors cleansing any Totem will be Oblivious for 45 seconds and have their Aura revealed when they cleanse Retribution itself for 15 seconds. Tinkerer already does a better job of this and other Aura reading perks like Nurse’s Calling or BBQ And Chili do what Retribution does but for the entire duration of the match. Still, pairing Retribution up with other Hex Perks has some benefits and isn’t too bad to be placed lower.


  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby is fantastic against newer Survivors, and when used in combination with the Doctor’s reverse skill checks, it quickly loses its effectiveness against better Survivors. The additional progression lost on failed skill checks (6% at level 3) can be useful with Perks like Overcharge, but the warning delay (56%) won’t do much good against experienced Survivors.
  • Hex: Haunted Ground is the last Hex Totem that Exposes Survivors. However, its duration puts the Killer in a tough situation. Spawning two lit Totems, it Exposes every Survivor. During a chase with another Survivor who is already injured, it can be worth going for unsuspecting Survivors at full health. Still, if the Exposed Status wears off after 60 seconds, then the Perk gets no use, and Survivors know not to cleanse anymore.
  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt is a great farming Perk and alerts the Killer if anyone tries to cleanse Totems. The Perk reduces the cleansing speed as well for each Token it has, but its uses are limited unless running more than 1 Hex.

That wraps up every Hex Perk in Dead By Daylight so far! With 90 Perks to choose from, it can be hard to figure out a build and even know what works well together. At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinion of what works and what doesn’t, so use what you like and don’t let anyone say you can’t!

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