The Boil Over Perk is one of Kate Denson’s unique Perks in Dead By Daylight. It increases the Struggle Effects when a Survivor can wiggle free from the Killer’s Grasp and causes the Killer to be unable to see Hooks in a 16 meter range. It also fills up the Wiggle Meter by 33% if the Killer drops from a high place, similar to how Balanced Landing works. This is everything players need to know about the Boil Over Perk in Dead By Daylight.

What the Boil Over Perk does in Dead By Daylight

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The Boil Over Perk has three Tiers with varying effects. When equipped, the Struggle Effects of the Perk are increased by 60/70/80% but the other effects will remain the same throughout the different Tiers. Additionally, the Auras of Hooks around the Killer are obscured from them up to 16 meters. While being held by the Killer, the Wiggle Meter will be filled by 33% whenever the Killer drops from a high height. The distance they must drop is similar to how far a Survivor must drop for Balanced Landing to work.

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What Perks work with Boil Over in Dead By Daylight

Any Perks that help with the Wiggle Meter have great synergy with Boil Over. A Build with Flip-Flop will raise the Wiggle Meter based on how much the Survivor has recovered in the Dying State. The speed of the recovery can be further increased with Unbreakable and also gives Survivors the ability to pick themselves up once per match when reaching full recovery. Tenacity will allow players to crawl and recover at the same time, making it pair up with Flip-Flop quite well.

The Killer Perk, Iron Grasp, will normally limit how much Wiggling the Survivors can do, but Boil Over will override this. Killers will be able to see when a Survivor has Boil Over as it will be placed by their Perk icons. Even though Boil Over stops Killers from seeing the Aura of nearby Hooks, Killers will be able to see them while in the pick up animation.

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