Have you been scrolling through TikTok, Twitter, or Reddit recently? If so, chances are you’ve probably heard this popular meme song. While the song itself is not a meme, it has grown to viral fame because of one. For more information on this song, and its Roblox ID code, continue reading below!

Sneaky Link ID and info

Magnolia x pimp named slick back [gypsy woman remix] is a pop-rap remix created by yung mango that was originally released in October of 2019. In November of 2021 the song gained a random boost in popularity after being associated with the meme *Death Threats*, or D4DJ Girls Hyping, which originally featured a gif of four characters from the anime and game D4DJ acting as DJs, but has now been reimagined with various video game and television characters.

A looped video of the gif and song has been uploaded to YouTube by user Rikleim. The code for this song can be found below.

  • magnolia x pimp named slick back [gypsy woman remix] Song ID Code: 8106441887

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How to redeem ID Codes

Song ID codes can be used in Roblox in two ways—through any experience that allows Boombox compatibility or through the popular battle royale style game Catalogue Heaven. If you’re looking for a permanent way to listen to music in various experiences, we’d recommend purchasing a Boombox from the Roblox avatar shop. If you just want to try out songs and aren’t worried about bringing them with you, hop into Catalogue Heaven and search their free catalog for the Boombox.

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