Cyberpunk 2077 has many tutorials for you to take in and learn quickly, but sometimes the game just throws you headfirst into shark-infested waters and leaves the player to think outside the box to solve certain optional quests.

How to Remove Virus from the Chip

To remove the virus from a chip in Cyberpunk 2077, it’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is open up the game menu, navigate to the Journal, then select Shards from the option below it. In this menu, select Militech Shard, then press F on PC or the equivalent on consoles. Complete the mini-game that appears, then the second that is completed, the virus will have been removed from the chip.

Removing the virus from the chip is an optional objective in the mission The Pickup, and the game hasn’t actually shown you how to remove viruses yet. Hence, the optional objective throws you right in the deep end, which of course, in turn, confuses a lot of players.

The order to remove the virus is the following:

  1. Open up the Game Menu.
  2. Hover over Journal, then select Shards that appears underneath.
  3. In this new Shards Menu, select Militech Shard.
  4. Upon clicking Militech Shard, some code will appear to the right, and just above it, the words “Crack Security” will appear.
  5. Press the button next to Crack Security.
  6. Solve the mini-game that appears
  7. Once that is completed, the virus is removed.
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How to complete the remove the virus mini-game

The mini-game is really very straightforward. On the right side of the Code Matrix is the sequence you need to find in the Code Matrix, so for this virus removal mini-game, the sequence is BD, BD, FF, 55. You need to find these two-letter combinations in the Code Matrix within a 60 second time limit. After the first four have been found, another two will appear; in this case, the other two-combinations are 1C and E9.

Find the two-letter combinations in the Code Matrix in the order it tells you in the image above to solve the puzzle and to complete the mini-game. Once you have found the first sequence BD, a column or a row will become highlighted to make things easier, informing you that the next combination is in that row or column. This makes it really fast and easier to get the sequence finished.

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If you are really having trouble solving this mini-game, check out this video below.

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