Daggers, swords, hammers, gauntlets, or axes: pick your poison. The five types of weapons in Cult of the Lamb all come with certain unique qualities, but some weapons rank higher than others. Below, we list all of the weapons in Cult of the Lamb and then rank them based on their sheer power and effectiveness.

All weapons in Cult of the Lamb

DaggersTraitor’s Razor, Bane Dagger, Necromantic Dagger, Merciless Dagger, Vampiric Dagger, Zealous Dagger, Godly Dagger
SwordsCrusader’s Blade, Bane Sword, Necromantic Sword, Vampiric Sword, Merciless Sword, Zealous Sword, Godly Sword
HammersWarmaker’s Hammer, Bane Hammer, Necromantic Hammer, Merciless Hammer, Vampiric Hammer, Zealous Hammer, Godly Hammer
GauntletsTempest’s Gauntlets, Bane Gauntlets, Necromantic Gauntlets, Merciless Gauntlets, Vampiric Gauntlets, Zealous Gauntlets, Godly Gauntlets
AxesApostate’s Cleaver, Bane Axe, Necromantic Axe, Merciless Axe, Vampiric Axe, Zealous Axe, Godly Axe
Tarot Cards can improve the stats of most weapons

Best Weapons in Cult of the Lamb

The best weapons in the game depend on your fighting style. Swords are are the most balanced weapons in terms of speed, range, and strength but hammers and axes offer greater strength if you can afford the loss of speed. Gauntlets are good for combo actions, as they start off with relatively low damage but ramp up as you continue to hit enemies.

The Godly weapons in all forms are the best weapons you can possibly get. They provide significantly more damage than other weapons in the game and make it much easier to move through levels.

Vampiric weapons are also good, especially the Vampiric Sword and Vampiric Dagger. The Vampiric blades suck the life force out of dead enemies and can use that energy to heal you. Combine this with the Fortune’s Blessing tarot card and you’ll be in great shape for hard boss fights.

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