Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike dungeon crawler mixed with action RPG and life simulation gameplay. The title is coming to practically every platform, including Xbox and PC. With these two platforms included at launch, you may be wondering if Cult of the Lamb will be on Xbox or PC Game Pass.

Is Cult of the Lamb coming to Game Pass?

Unfortunately, the answer is no—Cult of the Lamb is not coming to Game Pass and will not be available through the service. There are currently no plans or published details suggesting or supporting the indie title by Massive Monster and Devolver Digital coming to the subscription. If this changes in the future, we will update this guide to reflect that.

Cult of the Lamb would be a perfect title for Game Pass due to its roguelike nature and pick-up and play style. Sadly, fans cannot play the title through Game Pass and must purchase it if they want to play. The good news is that Cult of the Lamb is well-priced at $24.99.

There are both pre-order bonuses and an additional skin pack for your followers to accompany Cult of the Lamb. If you are interested in the title, you can also download a demo off of Steam to try it before you buy it.

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