A cult is nothing without its Followers; after all, what is a shepherd without their flock? This is true in Cult of the Lamb as well, and your Followers are an important resource to be worked, put to worship, and even sacrificed, if needed. Here is everything you need to know about Followers in Cult of the Lamb.

How to customize Followers in Cult of the Lamb

To customize a Follower in Cult of the Lamb, you must indoctrinate them into your cult. When you do so, you have the option to customize their name, form, and variant. You cannot customize their traits, but you can give them new traits by enacting Doctrines. Once you finish this, you cannot customize them at a later point.

How to unlock Follower Forms in Cult of the Lamb

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You can unlock Follower forms by progressing through the game. Each region in Cult of the Lamb has various forms you can get. Many of these are unlocked by rescuing and indoctrinating new Followers. You also receive new forms by defeating bosses.

How to assign Followers to work in Cult of the Lamb

To assign a Follower a specific task in Cult of the Lamb, approach and speak to them. Then, select the Work option in the menu. This lets you assign Followers to complete work such as mining stones, chopping wood, tending farms, or worshipping. Once a task has been assigned, that Follower will carry out the work to the best of their ability.

All Follower Traits in Cult of the Lamb

Traits determine how your Followers behave and act. Some traits are positive, while others are negative. Most Followers have one positive and negative trait. In addition, you can enact Doctrines to give your entire cult traits. Here are all traits in Cult of the Lamb.

Positive Follower Traits

  • Gullible: 15% easier to level up.
  • Strong Constitution: Heals 15% faster when sick and in bed rest.
  • Zealous: Ignores dissenters when they preach.
  • Naturally Obedient: On recruiting this Follower immediately gain 10 Faith.
  • Materialistic: Gain Faith when building better sleeping quarters.
  • Coprophiliac: Gain 10 Faith when falling ill.
  • Belief in Sacrifice: Gain 20 Faith when a Follower is sacrificed.
  • Faithful: Generates Devotion 15% faster.
  • Grass Eater: No longer lose Faith when a follower eats a Grass Meal.
  • Good Die Young: Gain 10 Faith if an elder is sacrificed, murdered, or consumed, but lose 20 Faith if an elder dies naturally.
  • Absolution: Freedom above all else. Every day that begins without anyone in prison, gain +10 Faith.

Negative Follower Traits

  • Sloth: Work and devotion generation speed reduced by 10%.
  • Cynical: 15% harder to level up.
  • Natural Skeptic: On recruiting Follower immediately lose 10 Faith.
  • Sickly: Healas 15% slower when sick and in bed rest.
  • Terrified of Death: Lose -5 Faith whenever another Follower dies.
  • Faithless: Generates Devotion 15% slower.
  • Germaphobe: Lose 10 Faith when falling ill.
  • Against Sacrifice: -5 when a Follower is Sacrificed.

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