Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-lite, life simulation hybrid. Players will become the lamb, a cult leader where you will help your followers survive while tackling more demanding challenges and bosses. Cult of the Lamb also includes mini-games and other activities like fishing. Here is our guide to fishing.

How to unlock Fishing in Cult of the Lamb

Fishing is unlocked during the Darkwood area of the game. You will come across the Fishermen while exploring the different rooms. As these rooms are random, he may appear earlier or later, depending on the player. However, we have found that the Fisherman will typically appear before fighting Leshy, the boss of Darkwood.

How to fish in Cult of the Lamb

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Once you’ve met the Fisherman, he will tell you to meet him at Pilgrim’s Passage. You can fast travel here from the travel circle at your Cult.

Next to the Fisherman is a spot for you to fish. You must hold the button to cast your rod at the desired distance. The larger the fish silhouette, the higher the chance it will be a rare fish. Once you have hooked a fish, you need to keep the hook inside the rectangle to draw the fish in; the rectangle will turn green when you are within the correct range.

How to catch rare fish in Cult of the Lamb

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The best way to catch fish is using the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty. This doctrine is unlocked at your temple in the Sustenance Doctrines. Performing this ritual will make special fish more likely to appear while fishing, and you will also catch double fish. 

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