Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-lite, life simulation hybrid. The Lamb will be charged with keeping your followers alive and fed. To do this, you will need to fish and farm food. These materials can then be cooked into various foods to keep them alive. Here is a farming guide to help you get started.

How to unlock a Farm in Cult of the Lamb

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To start farming, you will first need a Farm Plot. The Farm Plot is one of the first Devotion upgrades you should get, along with the Farming Bundle. The Farm Plot will allow you to plant seeds. Once planted, you can interact with the Plot twice to water and fertilize the Plot.

The Farming Station will allow your followers to tend the farm by watering the Plots for you. The Seed Silo is a seed storage box that will enable followers to plant seeds in empty plots. As you progress through Devotion upgrades and cult levels, you should also pick up:

  • Scarecrow (Cult Level Two): Prevents Birds from eating your planted seeds.
  • Fertilizer Silo (Cult Level Three): Allows followers to Fertilize Plots.
  • Farmer Station Two (Cult Level Three): Allows Followers to harvest crops for you.
  • Trap Scarecrow (Cult Level Three): Upgraded Scarecrow that traps Birds.
  • Harvest Totem (Cult Level Three): Speeds up the time it takes for seeds to grow.

How to unlock new seeds in Cult of the Lamb

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Seeds can be found on your crusades but are better to be purchased from the vendor to the west of the crusade entrance portals or from harvesting fully grown crops. As you progress through each area of the game, you will unlock a new seed and vegetable to grow and make higher quality food; they are:

  • Darkwood: Berry Seed.
  • Anura: Pumpkin Seed.
  • Anchordeep: Cauliflower Seed.
  • Silk Cradle: Beetroot Seed.

With each new dungeon unlocked, you should change your farm production to the new seed type as it produces higher quality food for your followers.

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