Curses can be equipped alongside weapons during Crusade runs. You can only equip one Curse at a time, so it’s best to choose wisely during upgrade opportunities. Below is a full list of the Curses in Cult of the Lamb as well as which ones are the best in terms of efficiency during fights.

All Cult of the Lamb Curses

FireballsFlaming Shot, Cleansing Fire, Hounds of Fate, Strike of the Crown
TentaclesTouch of Turua, Maelstorm, Touch of Ithaqua, Touch of the Revenant
BlastsDivine Blast, Divine Guardian, Divine Blizzard, Divine Blight
SlashesDeath’s Sweep, Oath of the Crown, Death’s Attendant, Death’s Squall
SplattersIchor Thrown, Point of Corruption, Path of the Righteous, Call of the Crown
All Curses in Cult of the Lamb

Best curses in Cult of the Lamb

  • Death’s Attendant – the strength of the melee attack offered by Death’s Attendant alone makes this a powerful Curse, but this Curse also summons ghosts from enemies you have already killed who will fight alongside you.
  • Hounds of Fate – with Hounds of Fate, multiple fireballs will project out of you and cause devastating damage to everything they touch.
  • Path of the Righteous – this is a hold to aim Curse that drops a trail of black ichor which will damage everything it touches as long as it lasts.
  • Maelstorm – when activated, Maelstorm shoots out tentacles from four directions of the Lamb. This is a great Curse when you enter into heavily populated arenas.
  • Divine Guardian – the best Curse in the game. When activated, Divine Guardian shields you with invincibility for two seconds. Not only that, but all projectiles that are thrown at you will be deflected and will cause damage to anything that they land on.

How to unlock Curses in Cult of the Lamb

The game begins with a base number of 10 Curses available to your lamb. During Sermons, you will gain Faith points from your cultists. When the progress bar is filled with Faith points you will be able to unlock new Curses that will aid you in your runs.

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