Cookie Run Kingdom’s Pit-A-Pat! Springtime Bingo event rewards you with Crystals, Cookie Cutters, Rainbow Cubes, Lights of Resolution, and other amazing resources by finding various shapes in a 5×5 Bingo card.

The event runs until Mar. 30, 2022, and is open to all players. There are 20 Mission Cards to complete, and daily participation is encouraged to farm enough Blossom Stamps to complete all Cards.

How to Play Springtime Bingo

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Access the event by selecting Springtime Bingo from the event menu. Your goal is to complete the Mission Cards by lining up Blossom Stamps to create horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or custom shapes. Follow the instructions on the window on the right to figure out what patterns you need to make in the Bingo Card. The little Card beside the Cookie will also demonstrate what specific images should look like.

Click on the left and right arrows to check the previous and upcoming Mission Cards. You can have multiple Missions running at the same time, but most require you to complete previous Missions to unlock. You’ll receive rewards for completing each Mission and an additional 3,000 Crystals for completing all 20.

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How to Place and Move Stamps

Click on Place Stamp to secure a tile in the Bindo Card. Each placement costs 10 Blossom Stamps, and it’s placed on a random tile. You have the opportunity to move an existing Stamp for five Blossom Stamps.

Follow these steps to move an existing Stamp on the Bingo Card:

  • Click the Move Stamp button.
  • Select the Stamp you want to move.
  • Select the tile you want to move to Stamp to.
  • Click Move Stamp again to confirm the action.

How to Get Blossom Stamps

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Blossom Stamps can be farmed by completing daily missions from the Springtime Missions section of the event menu. All of these missions reset daily, so it’s highly recommended to log in frequently to farm enough stamps to complete all 20 Bingo Cards.

Some missions need to be timed correctly to complete within the 24-hour window. These include:

  • Receive rewards from the Bear Jelly Train three times.
  • Send two Balloon Expeditions.

Since these tasks take many hours to complete, it’s best to initiate them first thing in the morning. You can also choose a lower-level Balloon Expedition to cut down the Expedition time.

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