The Spring in the Cookie Kingdom event runs until March 21, 2022. It encourages you to complete a series of random quests and tasks to earn Fame Points, which will contribute to milestones that will grant you both individual and Guild-wide rewards. As a Guild event, you first need to join one to participate.

Access the event page by clicking on the Spring Quests on the lefthand panel in the event menu. You’ll receive two Send Materials tasks and one gameplay task.

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Completing a task will reward you with Fame Points and other resources, from EXP Star Jellies to Toppings and more. If you don’t like the task or can’t complete it right away, click on the Refresh button on the upper left of each card. Wait 10 minutes, and a new task will appear.

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Head to the For the Guild! section of the event menu to claim rewards for reaching Fame Point milestones. Your Fame Points will start contributing to the Guild Co-op portion of this event starting from 10,000, so try to reach this goal as a minimum. You only need to complete a handful of tasks to reach it!

Guild Rewards

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In the Spring Quests section, click on the Rewards button under Event Info to view your Guild’s stats. There are two Guild reward tables that you can benefit from. You must participate in the event and get the 10,000 minimum Fame Points to obtain these rewards.

The first is the Guild ranking reward, which rewards you based on your Guild’s cumulative Fame Points relative to every other Guild in the game. The more active your Guild members are, the higher you’re likely to rank. A few things can affect your score:

  • Only Fame Points obtained from your current Guild will be counted, so try not to switch Guilds midway.
  • Members who leave the Guild will have their Fame Points removed from the Guild’s score.

The second is the contribution reward, which is based on your Fame Point contribution to your current Guild during the event. You’re ranked based on how many Fame Points you get relative to Guildmates, so being active helps!

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