Code Vein is best known for its boss fights. If you successfully defeat Oliver Collins, you can get ready for the second boss fight that will give you nightmares. Her name is Butterfly of Delirium, and she’s a tough lady, so be well prepared for the fight. When you’re ready, you’ll meet her in the Ruined City Center area.

How to beat Butterfly of Delirium in Code Vein

As always, bosses have their strengths and weaknesses, and this one is no exception. But first, let’s get to know Lady Butterfly and her arsenal of attacks. 

Special attacks of the second Code Vein Boss

Every boss requires a certain amount of preparation to stand a chance in a fight. To know which weapons and trinkets to choose, you need to know what you’re up against. Butterfly of Delirium is a fast opponent with a number of poison attacks, so expect a tough battle. Beware of its tail, which is some kind of poisonous monster. 

These are her special attacks:

  • Area of effect poison attack—the purple mist is a precursor to the Area of Effect attack.
  • Venomous projectile—Butterfly throws projectiles that deal regular and poisonous damage
  • Tail attack—look out for a screaming tail!
  • Whirlwind tail attack—she’s spinning around looking for a kill.
  • Whirlwind projectiles—after the tail attack, you need to watch out for projectiles that Butterfly throws around.
  • Purple projectile—a single missile that deals heavy damage.
  • Venomous breath—nothing good comes out of her tail, only poison coming your way!

So, how to defeat Butterfly of Delirium when she has all these powerful attacks? For starters, you should have an antivenom with you, because it’s essential for survival. Next, you should think about the best hero builds for Code Vein that fit your playstyle.

How to defeat Butterfly of Delirium in battle

The key to defeating the second boss in Code Vein is a good balance between offense and defense. Even if you dodge all the poisonous projectiles, you’ll have to think about a counterattack. Thus, when Butterfly focuses on projectiles, try to dodge forward, since she’s vulnerable when she doesn’t use poison. 

In general, you should be as close to her as possible during melee attacks and run away when she starts sending purple mist around her. Her tail is very deadly, so if it expands (and screams!?!), be prepared to dodge. When the boss starts glowing purple, that’s also a signal to retreat. It means an AoE attack is coming, so be ready. Remember that in some cases, you’ll have to dodge twice to avoid deadly damage.

The second boss fight in Code Vein is no picnic, but with a little luck, but with a little luck you’ll send this creature straight to hell!!

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