After all the hell the Invading Executioner put you through, maybe it’s time for a slightly easier boss fight? Maybe you’re in luck because the next boss in Code Vein is not so into speed, but boy does he likes to smash. Let us introduce you to Argent Wolf Berserker!

How to beat Argent Wolf Berserker

If you’re ready to take a beating, go to the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, and pray that this silverback howler is in a good mood. That won’t happen, so make sure to learn about his fight style if you want to live. So, how to defeat Argent Wolf Berserker? The first order of business is to know more about his special moves.

Special attacks of the Berserker boss in Code Vein

Berserker will use his trusty weapon Obliterator axe to, well, obliterate you. His attack arsenal consists of moves such as:

  • Area of effect attack
  • Overhead combo attack
  • Horizontal double swing
  • Charge

As you can see, Argent Wolf Berserker isn’t very creative when it comes to pummeling opponents. But just like Oliver Collins, he’s powerful, albeit slow. But unlike most of the bosses in Code Vein, you can backstab him for extra damage. That is a fantastic opportunity, so give it a go as often as possible. Having that in mind, select Code Vein hero build that will maximize your skills and head to the arena.

How to defeat Argent Wolf Berserker

In the initial stage of the battle, he will test your reflexes with AoE attacks. That is an excellent opportunity for a strike, so roll forward and hit him when you see a red glow. Wait for the attack animation (melee or AoE), then quickly approach him for a counter-attack.

When his health bar drops significantly, his attacks will gain speed. Watch out for swipes if you’re close, as his weapon has an extensive range. Maintain attacks from the back, but don’t relax; deal a couple of strikes and run away. After a while, this tactic will pay off, and the argent behemoth will fall.

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