Clicker Simulator is a Roblox game where you click your way to glory. You can buy eggs to hatch pets with all the clicks you collect. Each pet gives you clicking bonuses so you can find and buy even more powerful pets. If you wish to buy some rare creatures, you’ll have to unlock and explore the islands. But if you want to get some legendary pets, in most cases, trading with other players is the only way. To understand the worth of the most popular pets, we’ve prepared Clicker Simulator Value List.

All Best Pets in Clicker Simulator

Atlantis Shock140,000400,000N/AN/A
Atlantis Leviathan120000300000N/AN/A
20M Portal Guardian95,000200,000O/C500,000
Tropical Abyss80,000286,000O/CO/C
75M Vortex Fury50,000130,000300,000275,000
50M Terminator37,00075,000160,000100,000
Ultraviolet Spectre28,00060,000140,000110,000
325M Galaxy Empress20,00037,00057,00048,000
150M Shattered Reality10,00025,00055,00036,000
Martius Module4,00010,00025,00018,000
100M Furnace of Heaven4,0009,00020,00016,600
Luck of the Irish3,5008,50017,00017,800
Winged Pirate Lord2,50055001200012800
Meta Virus1,8505,00020,00010,800
Techno Mecha1,6504,25015,0009,300
Time Lord1,1002,85010,0006,500
Mutant Robot9,502,45010,0005,700
Molten Core7501,8507,5004,500
Corrupt Bee Overlord5001,3503,1503,950
Galaxium Core4001,2502,5003,200
Coconut Bee3007501,8502,650
Galactic Unicornlord3007501,8502,650
Nuke Core Bot2506501,4002,200

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Clicker Simulator Value List, FAQ

Understanding the ins and outs of the pet market can be a challenge. Interestingly, this system is so complex while the game is about clicking around the screen. Here is everything you need to know regarding the Clicker Simulator value list of pets.

What is a value list/price guide?

Some very rare pets are received on special occasions. For example, the most expensive pet is the one for finishing at the top in the first leaderboard event. Its cost goes to one million or even more, as it’s one of a kind! There are more examples, and they are all connected to leaderboard rewards. The prices for the best Clicker Simulator pets are between 250,000 and 1,000,000.

As there are so few of them, prices are dictated by their owners. But if there are more of them, then the market influences what an acceptable price is. As with any economy, how much you will pay a pet in Clicker Simulator depends on offer and demand. Many creatures are practically worthless, as everyone can get with little to no effort.

How does a Clicker Simulator Value List work?

As in the real world, prices are dictated by market conditions. If there are some popular pets, a high asking price can make everything else more expensive. If those players are not in a hurry to sell, the costs will be stable, as only a few people can buy them. But that can also be a risk, as sometimes developers introduce new pets that are more powerful and come in more significant numbers. That can cut the price of previously highly regarded pets.

Should I use a Clicker Simulator Value List?

These prices are not set in stone so that you may buy or sell something for a diffrent number of clicks. It’s totally between you and the other players. The best price is the one that you’re satisfied with. If you’re greedy, you’ll likely come up short as this is a competitive market. So, the best to do your business is to treat others fairly, like in any other line of business.

Because why would someone want to buy a pet for 50,000 when many other players offer better prices? Ultimately, no one forces you to use the Clicker Simulator value list, but it can help you understand the market for normal, shiny, golden, and rainbow pets.

What should I do if I don’t use a price guide/value list?

If you want to be on your own and play without too much stress, you can just put the prices you think work best for you. If they don’t give you what you want, test the market by lowering the cost. If you want to ensure that the price is right, you can always visit the Clicker Simulator Discord channel, where you can arrange transactions or guarantee that the pet’s cost is all right. You can also check the Reddit page for more information.

What is Roblox Clicker Simulator?

Roblox Clicker Simulator is a game where you collect clicks by clicking as much as possible. To achieve success, you’ll need some pets to boost your clicking. You can find them by exploring islands or trading with other players. For many players, trading is the most exciting part of the game, so study the Clicker Simulator value list and get into the game of buying and selling!

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