Ashley is the first character the player will meet in HuniePop 2: Double Date. After sending her on her way, a mission of dire urgency is given to the player via the love fairy, Kyu. It is on the tropical island paradise that our character is reunited with Ashley for the adventure of a lifetime.

Ashley Reference Guide


Baggage comes in the form of three unique traits that can be learned through conversation. Once learned, these traits impose an additional challenge during the match-three portion.

  • Easily Bored: This baggage prevents you from making the same move more than twice in a row.
  • Commitment Issues: This baggage prevents you from making 4 consecutive moves while focusing on Ashley.
  • Allergies: This baggage prevents you from giving flower and candle date gifts unless Ashley is upset or exhausted.


Gifts can be purchased and given to increase the player’s Passion and Style Level. This awards higher points for matches.

  • Drum Sticks
  • Microphone
  • Guitar Amp
  • Bass Guitar
  • Modest Gladiators
  • Zip-up Gladiators
  • Strap Gladiators
  • Weave Gladiators


Relationships are who each girl will go on a date with.

  • Lillian
  • Polly
  • Brooke
  • Nora


Answer questions correctly to obtain additional Fruit Seeds which can be used to buy food, gifts, and more for each girl. We have the answers to her questions below:

  • Is there anything in your past that you’re ashamed of? Come on, give me something juicy…
    • Nope, sorry, I HAVE no shame.
  • When did you first lose the ol’ v-card?
    • Please, I lost that shit while I was still in the womb.
  • Which social cliche were you part of back in high school?
    • Believe it to not, in high school I was kind of a jock.
  • Would you eat a chick out if she was on her period?
    • I’m not happy about it, but I’d take one for the team.
  • Would you… fuck your dad if it meant you got a perfect sex bot in return?
    • Why bother? I already have a sex bot named Ashley.
  • Would you rather somebody pee in your mouth or shit on your chest?
    • Do I have to pick just one? Why not both?
  • What do you think my bandmates and I should call our band?
    • How about…”Worthless Holes”? It fits you perfectly!
  • Can you guess the name I gave to my vibrator?
    • Fuck, I don’t know…”Humpie” or something like that?
  • Do you have any nicknames that people call you?
    • This really annoying chick keeps calling me “Sweet Cheeks”.
  • Are you more of a tit man/girl or an ass man/girl?
    • Neither… I’m more of a personality man/girl.
  • Have you ever tried to suck your own dick/tits?
    • Of course… and successfully I might add!
  • Do you think there’s anything so serious that we shouldn’t joke about it?
    • Nah, I think everything should be on the table.

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