Triangle Strategy’s Chapter XIII, Part II: Born of Strife and Sadness finds you back at Whiteholm Bridge, from which you can be pushed to the ground below. Otherwise, the stage is a straight shot across, and enemies will surround you from both sides while you push them back. A new battle, Securing Whiteholm Bridge, will commence once you choose your units. To win, “decimate the enemy forces.” To lose, see every one of your units perish.

Unit Selection and Battle Strategy

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By this point, you should have discovered how useful a few of your units’ shoving abilities are. Roland’s Pushback and Erador’s Ram Foe will inflict much damage while keeping enemies far at bay. Many of your best units should also have effective ranged attacks, whether with magic, offensive items, or arrows. Take advantage of attacking multiple foes here at once with fire and ice spells.

But certainly bring Corentin to this fight, since many of these foes have an ice weakness. His Icy Breath and Frosty Fetters will be useful in defeating the battlemages with Thalas. Narve and Ezana’s formidable thunder and wind attacks will do serious damage, as well.

You can also use Groma, if she’s found her way to your ranks by now. She’s a fierce martial arts expert whose physical blows are powerful and even ranged once she levels up. Lionel’s advanced ability may also be of good use here. If you’ve got him wearing a Golden Pinkie Ring, a Luck Amulet, and heightened his luck stats, his powerful Brute Force ability may net you some great spoils after defeating a foe.

Securing Whiteholm Bridge

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This is another two-boss battle. On one end is Erika at level 23 with two Aesfrosti Healers, two Pikemen, two Sheildbearers, and one Elite Shielbearer—all at level 21. The other end has Thalas at level 23 with a Blade, three Bowmen, and two Elite Battlemages at level 21. The battlemages’ Spark ability, as well as the healers with Erika, will be a nuisance throughout this one. You may want to focus on them, first.

Make sure that your unit taking on Thalas is wearing a Grounding Amulet. Thalas’ Fierce Wind can blow your characters clear off the bridge and down to the terrain below, and it will take them a few turns to get back up top. The Grounding Amulet will brace them firmly where they are, but should your allied units fall off the bridge, you may want to use a Lightwave Quietus. This will speed them along quite nicely, but you can be the judge of a need for that.

Be sure not to let either Roland or Serenoa go it alone in either direction, as either may quickly be defeated early in this fight. Another useful item to equip, if you have it, is the Resurrection Ring, which will revive one of your allies to full health once they’ve fallen. Definitely put this on either of our two leading men. It seems to suit Roland on horseback a bit more, though.

Focus on Thalas’ side first, then move on to Erika’s

The healers will case Regen on Erika, who will recover 100 HP for a few turns. If your team is strong enough, try focusing your entire force on Thalas’ offensive side while you leave the other side to bulk up their defenses. Most of the units with Erika will stay and do just that, leaving you to put your efforts into wiping out Thalas and his support before you move to the other end.

Along with saving, consider leveling your characters to the recommended 21 using the Mental Mock Battles at the Encampment. Make sure you are using the spoils, especially from Hossabara’s latest available battle, to upgrade the weapon ranks of your strongest fighters. And definitely stock up with accessories and enough HP Recovery Pellets from Lionel.

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