Chandelure has been available for a while in Pokémon GO, but will be featured prominently in the October 2022 Community Day celebration, where the Pokémon’s highly sought-after shiny form will be available for the first time. Players hoping to get a shiny form will have the best luck during this event, but once they have this Ghost and Fire-type Pokémon they will likely want to know what the best moves are.

Best moves for Chandelure in Pokémon GO

Chandelure is a Ghost and Fire-type Pokémon, which means that the best moves will likely also be Ghost and Fire-type. This is because the moves that match a Pokémon’s typing will benefit from S.T.A.B. (Same Type Attack Bonus) and deal increased damage to opponents in battle.

Note: Moves with an asterisk (*) benefit from Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) and will deal increased damage.

Chandelure’s best offensive moves

Charged/QuickMove NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
QuickFire Spin*Fire149.115.3
ChargeShadow Ball*Ghost100-16.740

Chandelure’s best defensive moves

Charged/QuickMove NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
ChargeShadow Ball*Ghost100-16.740

All possible Chandelure moves in Pokémon GO

Quick Attacks

Move NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
Fire Spin*Fire149.115.3

Charged Attacks

Move NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
Flame Charge*Fire70-8.722.1
Shadow Ball*Ghost100-16.740
Energy BallGrass90-8.723.1

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