In the latest Valorant Patch 5.03, the developers have finally nerfed the abilities of Chamber after much demand from the community. Chamber has been a staple part of the Valorant ranked, competitive META since his release, and his nerf will promote other assaulting/sniping agents like Jett, Phoenix, or Raze into the main fray. Apart from that, Riot Games have also announced that they are updating their current Unreal Engine profile to 4.26, allowing developers to access more tools and plugins for development.

All major highlights from Valorant patch note 5.03

Valorant patch update 5.03 is set to go live globally on 9 September 2022. You can download the latest patch by updating your Valorant game through the Riot Client. Read all the major agent and gameplay changes from the update below.

All Agent Changes in Valorant patch 5.03

Apart from Chamber, Neon is also receiving some balance changes to her ultimate ability but in a positive way.


  • Rendezvous: The cooldown time for the ability is now 30 seconds instead of the previous 20. It also applies to both the base and recalled Rendezvous. If any opponent destroys your Rendezvous, a new cooldown timer of 45 seconds will be implemented. Apart from that, developers have also reduced the diameter size of the Rendezvous activation ring.
  • Trademark: The ability will only slow enemies for a duration of 6s instead of the original 9s.
  • Tour De France: The ultimate ability will now cost 8 Orb points, and the slow effect has been toned down to 6s. 
  • Headhunter: The bullet cost of the mini pistol has been increased to 150.


  • Overdrive: The headshot multiplier during overdrive has been vastly increased from 1 to 3 units, and also buffed the distance covered from 15m to 20m. To match these big buffs, they have slightly reduced the base damage of overdrive to 18 per shot.


  • Bladestorm: The leg shot multiplier for the ability has been reduced from 1 to 0.85. 
  • Tailwind: Fixed animation-related issue that will cause the delayed weapon switching after performing a Tailwind dash.

All General & quality of life updates in Valorant patch 5.03

  • All further Valorant game development will take place on Unreal Engine 4.26. The new engine profile will allow developers to fix several UI-related bugs that have been pestering the community for a long time.
  • All the agent browser design menu is getting a refreshed look.
  • The developers have addressed several issues regarding crosshair and HUD elements for a smooth gameplay experience.

You can read the complete in-detail version of the Valorant Patch notes 5.03 from the official PlayValorant website.

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