ACtivating the SOS Beacon in Starmancer.

How to Activate the S.O.S. Beacon in Starmancer

Many players of the game Starmancer have found that one of the earliest tasks they need complete can be one of the most complicated. The tutorial instructs players to command their first character to activate the S.O.S. Beacon. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of detail on how to do this. We explain how this is done in the guide…

The Starmancer Loading Screen.

How to Fix Starmancer Stuck on Loading Screen

Starmancer is a new game that was released in August 2021 for Early Access. Upon release, many players found that loading a New Game makes causes them to get permanently stuck on the loading screen, with the load bar only reaching about half way. Unfortunately, there is no currently definitive fix for this problem, but there is a way to…