Warden of the Spring is a brand new enemy that you will encounter in The Wellspring activity in Destiny 2. This activity has two modes: Attack and Defense. So if you have access to Wellspring: Defense today, you will encounter Lightflayers as the final boss.

If, however, you have access to Wellspring: Attack, you will be able to challenge Warden of the Spring. These two modes of the Wellspring activity in Destiny 2 rotate on a daily basis. The rotation happens during Destiny 2’s daily reset. The clock in Destiny 2 resets at 5PM UTC every day.

The Lightflayers and Warden of the Spring are associated with one of the new challenges in Destiny 2. You need to defeat two of either of the bosses in order to complete this challenge. So the best way to proceed with this challenge is by starting the Wellspring activity a few hours before the daily reset. Defeat the to bosses available to you at that point of time, and then play through the daily reset time to defeat the remaining two bosses.

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