Resources are already so scarce, so every Pokéball that you waste feels like you’re throwing money into thin air. Worse is when they just sometimes just bounce off even the most docile Pokémon. But are you curious as to why this happens?

The most common reason might be that you threw the Pokéball when the Pokémon anticipated it. If it starts throwing attacks at you or at the very least notices you, hide or throw a Pokémon at it to reduce its HP. Otherwise, Pokéballs don’t just bounce off against Pokémon. Your throw might have simply missed by a couple of inches.

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For example, you might have thrown it slightly above or left. You might have even hit a nearby ledge by accident and just think you’ve thrown a dud. However, captures can fail which, in that case, you might need to throw a better version of the Pokéball that you’re using, like a Great Ball instead of a Pokéball.

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