Prehistoric Kingdom is all about managing your park full of prehistoric animals. This includes various kinds, but most importantly, it includes dinosaurs. With many different dinosaurs breeds, you may wonder if dinosaurs can fight each other in Prehistoric Kingdom.

Will dinosaurs fight in Prehistoric Kingdom?

Image via Blue Meridian

Dinosaurs will not fight one another in Prehistoric Kingdom—at least not yet. It was released in early access on April 27, 2022, and will receive many updates, including dinosaur combat. When added, dinosaurs will behave appropriately with predators going after prey and will fight to the death.

For now, though, dinosaurs will coexist and ignore one another regardless of their diets. This means you can play dinosaurs that are predators and prey in the same pen without fear of losing one of your creatures.

If you want to see dinosaur carnage, you will have to wait, possibly a few months, as developer Blue Meridian confirmed. But there are plenty of other things to do in Prehistoric Kingdom while you wait.

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