Playing with your favorite controller is always a plus for gamers. Naturally, many wonder if this is possible when playing MultiVersus. It is possible, as long as you are willing to get some special adapter equipment and deal with a lack of optimization.

Is it possible to use a Gamecube controller to play MultiVersus?

Yes, you can play MultiVersus with the famed Gamecub controller, though players should note that doing so is only possible under specific circumstances and requires you to play on Steam. If you are using Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, you cannot use a Gamecube controller to play MultiVersus.

How to use a Gamecube controller with MultiVersus

First, make sure you are playing the game on Steam. You’ll also need a Gamecube USB controller adapter to get it to work for PC. Once you have MultiVersus downloaded on Steam, you’ll need to register the Gamecube controller as an unofficial controller with Steam. You can now play with your Gamecube controller, but keep in mind that the experience may not be properly optimized. You might experience issues.

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