PlayStation has unveiled its plans for a new premium subscription tier system. While the long-term goal is to bring more clarity and choice for players, it is currently a bit confusing for existing Plus and Now customers. Thankfully, not much is set to change for already subscribed customers.

Can you upgrade PS Plus Essential to a higher-tier subscription?

Once the new PlayStation subscription offerings start phasing into markets after June 2022, players will start seeing new premium services options. Players who are currently paying for PlayStation Plus will become payers of PS Plus Essential. While there is no current confirmation of how upgrading will work, it seems possible for players to be able to upgrade their subscription tier once the new system is available to them.

Will PS Plus turn into PS Plus Extra or Premium?

No, players who have a PS Plus Membership will not be upgraded to the new PS Plus Extra or Premium tiers. According to the PlayStation blog that breaks down the new premium service, customers who currently have the PS Plus membership will be transitioned into the PlayStation Plus Essential membership. The price is not expected to change, nor are the features and perks that players currently enjoy.

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